Pedigree Siberian Cat Updates

Each kitten is different and it is always lovely to hear how they settled in and tales of how they are getting on in their new homes.  Below are emails and pictures i've received from my siberian kitten owners.
  1. Laika - Golden Tabby Siberian Female cat
    Hi Tracey Just a short note to keep you updated on Laika. We moved to New England in January. Laika is doing really well and is happy and healthy. She turned 11 in August and continues to to be the light of our lives. Laika rules the roost as ever and certainly rules our hearts with her amazing personality and beauty. Hope you are well and that Laika’s parents, Matvey and Evie continue to thrive. Regards, The McClunes
  2. George - Silver Tabby & White Siberian Male Cat
    Hi Tracey, as you know George is one year old tomorrow . I have attached a few pictures of his first year. As you can see he will sleep anywhere. His first year has been wonderful and he has grown into a beautiful friendly cat with a great temperament. He had a health scare in the summer which I'm pleased to say turned out to be nothing. Olivia and I are delighted to have George in our home. Regards John
  3. Sergy - Golden tabby male Siberian Cat
    Hi Tracey Hope you are well, here are some new pics of Sergey. He is the most loving and playful little monster ever! He loves lots of cuddles and playing hide and seek. Love Ayse
  4. Luna & Leia
    Hey Tracey, how are you? Hope everything is lovely with you and all the cats. Luna and Leia are both very happy and incredibly close now. Leia has gotten enormous! Much bigger than Luna now. Attached a few pictures for you. I'm just updating the girls' insurance and wondered if you knew both their birthdays? Just want to check I've got them right. Thanks very much, Ben, Luna & Leia
  5. Mali & Ziva
    Happy as Larry ! Thanks g
  6. Misty - Black Smoke siberian Female Kitten
    Hi Tracey, Just wanted to send you some photos of gorgeous Misty 😊
  7. Nhala - Seal Silver Tabby Neva Masquerade Siberian Female Cat
    Hi Tracey, Just thought I would send you a few pics of Nhala to let you know how settled she is with us all. She is walking round the house now like she been here forever! She has settled so well with the dogs and we love her to bits. She has grown quite a bit and is a bit of a daredevil! We have had her microchipped but not yet neutered as she is still too young, I will send you proof of neutering when that happens. Thank you for breeding such a beautiful, gentle and very energetic kitten who is full of adventure and love for the whole family. I will keep you informed of her progress in the future. hope you are well and have lots more kittens to enjoy. kind regards, Lisa Duncan
  8. Maude - Silver Tabby neva Masquerade siberian cat
    Hi Tracey I hope you are well. I thought you might like to know how things are going. Maude is such a lovely little soul she is very affectionate and love cuddles and fuss. She is very alert and charges after balls and string with no regard for herself! She is very confident and roams the house with a sense of pride far exceeding her size. We bought her a toy called the 'Cat It' which she is addicted to. Its a tunnel with holes in it, it has a ball inside which she hits. It was 8.99 on amazon. If you have not seen it you should have a look as Maude loves it! She also comes to her name, most of the time, when she is not sleeping! Best wishes Luke, Louise and Maude