Welfare of Pedigree Siberian Cats & Kittens

The welfare of my pedigree kittens is paramount to me when considering prospective new owners

Many people contact me with regards to cat allergies and the Siberian cat.   Yes, in my experience people with cat allergies do appear to have less of a reaction with the Siberian cat, however there are many factors to consider before purchasing a Siberian kitten due to a cat allergy in the family. 

I do not sell to people with allergies unless; 1. The person contacting me has the allergy; 2. People have thought long term, 3. Can supply examples of what they would do if the allergy flared up in the future and became unbearable.  Examples such as, a family member or close friend, who the kitten has known and had lots of contact from the beginning, or an outhouse enclosure which meets at least the five main needs of a cat. 

Do not contact me if you consider it reasonable to 'trial' a kitten for an allergy sufferer.  The welfare of my pedigree kittens is paramount and only forever homes will be considered.

The five main welfare needs of a cat
The 2006 Animal Welfare Act states that anyone responsible for a pet must pay attention to five important aspects of care: Environment, Health, Company, Behaviour and Diet.  I adere to this and all new owners must.

Owning a Miakira Siberian kitten will be a joy, plus if you have children they will learn how to responsibly care for a pet  however you should be aware that cat ownership is a major responsibility.  My oldest Siberian cat is 14 and she still thinks she is a kitten.  She is fit and healthy and will run down the path to my door with you as she does love to greet visitors.  Many pedigree Siberian cats will live longer than 14 years so so bear this in mind when purchasing a kitten.

Think about the financial and time implications of having a cat as a pet. Caring for a cat can be expensive and you should consider if you would be able to afford the cost of routine and unexpected veterinary treatment, or the cost of pet health insurance.  I supply pet insurance with my pedigree kittens and I expect all potential new owners to continue insuring the kitten to ensure any future health welfare needs are met.  

Once a kitten has left my premises, you are responsible for its welfare, plus you are responsible for any child under 16 years of age who comes into contact with this kitten.  Do not let children be unsupervised with any pets.

If you have to leave your cat at any time, you must make arrangements for another suitable person to look after it on your behalf. It is important to remember that you remain responsible for ensuring your cat’s needs are met, even when you are away. The person with whom you leave your cat will also be legally responsible for your cat’s welfare in your absence.
If you own or are responsible for a cat, and fail to meet its welfare needs or cause it unnecessary suffering, you may be prosecuted.

Cats are not pack animals and most of my sberian kittens like a place of their own. Provide a soft bed in a high place on top of a cupboard or better still a tall cat tree which can also be used as a scracher.  Every kittens is an individual but like us sometimes they like quiet and if you live in a noisy household or have other pets or live on a busy roadside a safe bolt-hole to retreat to will help ensure your kittens stress levels are kept minimal

Rgister your kitten with a local vet within 7 days. Keep the vet number handy at all times. Regular check-ups are advisable, and more so for older cats.  Cats and kittens need to be vaccinated for several common illnesses.  My kittens leave me at around 13 weeks vaccinated however they will reguire regular yearly booster jabs for imunity.

You will be reguired as part of my contract to neuter the kitten when old enough (around 6 months).  Neutering ensures no unwanted cats are put to sleep due to careless breeding.  As part of my contract you will be required to surender the kitten or cat back to me if it requires re homing.  All pedigree cats have a registered breed charity if their breeders are unknown or no longer can be contacted. The cat federations or other contactable pedigree cat breeders can supply information.  If you find a kitten or cat you suspect is a pedigree contact its breed organisation or the GCCF / TICA / FIFE.
Fleas and internal worms can cause your cat a lot of health problems if left unchecked. Regular treatments with good quality flea and worming products will help keep them in great health.
Daily health care for your cat should include a dental routine (brushing regularly or providing dental treats).  Grooming is also important and this activity can help you spot other issues such as a skin irritation or lumps on your cat’s body.

Miakira Siberian kittens require a healthy diet which meets all their nutritional needs. Cats are true carnivores so require a high meat content in their food. Applaws or any non cereal complete dry food is best.  A diet guide will be provided by me.
Trickle feeding dispenser toys for treats or kibble are a great way to slow down greedy pets and make them exercise.
Try to avoid giving treats to your cat but if you do feed treats make sure they are low fat and that the main meal is adjusted to account for the extra calories.
Constant access to fresh water is just as important as a healthy diet.  A water fountain can encourage your cat to drink more and will help prevent a number of health problems.

Kittens need early socialisation around humans and other animals from a young age to ensure they grow up to accept all aspects of being a family house pet.  As my siberian cats are not allowed to wander they are not used to roads and the siberian kittens for sale will have no road sense so please think if you live near a busy road.
Cats have a strong natural desire to scratch certain surfaces in order to trim down and sharpen their claws. Provide the kitten with a cat tree or scratch pad to prevent them scractching furniture and carpets from bearing the brunt of this natural behaviour.
Another behaviour still seen in domestic cats is for hunting. Playing with dangler or chase toys can help stimulate these natural behaviours, helping your cat stay happy and well exercised.

Unless they are kept with a relative or very sociable, cats generally prefer to be the only feline in the home. To rule out the possibility of spats over resources in a multi-cat household, it’s important to provide each of your cats with at least one litter tray, food bowl, water bowl and bed, located in different areas of the house. Miakira siberian kittens like human company so please spend time each day, playing, grooming, talking and bonding with your kitten.

My adult cats are only bred from once a year and if you already have one of my kittens and require a new kitten who is a relative please contact me in plenty of time  as cats only usually bred in the spring and summer.